Aladdin Coloring Pages PDF

Are you searching for an Aladdin coloring picture? Then you are in the right place. We have collected a lot of beautiful images of Aladdin and the magic lamp.

Aladdin is a street scoundrel who steals to survive and is in love with a princess, the daughter of the Sultan. Then he finds a magic lamp, from which a Spirit appears who is capable of fulfilling wishes. Have fun, coloring!

Aladdin Coloring Pages

Aladdin falls in love with Jasmine. They flee together from the city guard through the alleys and over the roofs. They flay using the flying carpet. He can fly very fast and high, and he is also very playful.

Jasmine is a real princess; she’s the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. She has long black hair and is very sweet. Jasmine is a rebel; she wants to live outside the palace walls. She often goes on adventures with Aladdin. Jasmine is not only beautiful but also very smart!

The Spirit (genie) is a madman and a real joker. He sits in a lamp and can make wishes come true. There are three rules: he can’t kill anyone, he can’t make anyone fall in love, and he can’t bring the dead back to life.

Download Aladdin Coloring Pages PDF