Alvin and The Chipmunk Coloring Pages PDF

Hello! Do you look for some fun? You are in the right place because you can get the funny chipmunk to color. Yes, you will get Alvin and The Chipmunk coloring pictures on this page.

The original Alvin was born long before the 1980s. The original idea was even born in 1958 when The Chipmunks Songs were released.

Alvin and The Chipmunk Coloring Pages

The three brothers Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, are three squirrels living in the trunk of a tree. Adopted by David “Dave” Seville, they wear huge colorful sweaters and humanize themselves to all effects, even attending school.

Like many successful cartoons, they have inspired several films. Three animated films created only for home video, and four with real actors and squirrels recreated with digital puppets (the first in 2007).

In 2015, instead, Alvin was filmed and adapted by Bagdasarian’s son, Ross jr. Transformed characters with computer graphics, on Nickelodeon the series renamed Alvinnn! And the Chipmunks

This series is suitable for children and with the inclusion of new elements, including the Chipettes, already seen in the movies, and representing the female counterpart of the mini protagonists.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore no longer wear sweaters but blue jeans, they are still rock stars, and even today’s kids love them, as they used to. The proof that certain characters never stop conquering the public, even years later.

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