Printable American Flag Coloring Pages PDF

Flags are patriotic symbols that represent the country and identify and differentiate it from other countries. In this opportunity, we want to give you the American flag coloring pictures.

You can learn to distinguish it and differentiate it from all other flags. So we advise you to keep looking at the images in this blog and to keep reading the information we provide you here.

Printable American Flag Coloring Pages

The fifty stars represent the fifty states, and the stripes represent the thirteen original colonies. The colors were chosen to represent a theme that the founding fathers considered essential to the building of our nation.

Red represents courage, endurance, and bloodshed. It is based on the courage to separate ourselves from what we once knew, the courage to start over, the courage to fight for our freedom. Resistance because our founding fathers believed that our country would outlast the land from which we came. Finally, blood was shed to honor all those who lost their lives for our freedom and our country.

The color white means purity and vigilance, purity because the country is independent. It is not corrupted by any other country. Vigilance because the country needs to be alert and careful in the decisions we make.

The color Blue means justice and perseverance: justice because it is the foundation of the country, and perseverance because even though the nation is young, we will stand firm against all opposition.

Download American Flag Coloring Pages PDF