Ant Man Coloring Pages PDF


Here you will find coloring pictures of the superhero film Ant-Man. Hank Pyme is an inventor who discovers a substance that can shrink people but, at the same time, gives them a lot of power. Hank wants to prevent others from abusing his invention.

Ant-man is about a scientist who has discovered how to reduce things. He doesn’t want it to be abused and decides to keep it a secret. Color in the nicest in your most beautiful colors! Have fun, coloring!

Ant Man Coloring Pages

He should prevent the sale of a weapons-grade suit and steal it. For this, Lang became Ant-Man, with whose suit he can become as big and as small as he wants. After a minor altercation with Falcon at Avengers headquarters, Ant-Man was recruited by Captain America during the events of The First Avenger: Civil War.

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Especially the ending of Ant-Man and the Wasp could be of utmost importance for Avengers 4: Endgame. Ant-Man could play a pivotal role in the grand finale of the Infinity War story.

Unlike many of the other Avengers, the Ant-man is just so incredibly likable and self-deprecating, and then there’s this relationship he has with his daughter. All of which makes him the most likable character that MCU has come up with so far.

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Scott Lang is no superhero. He has to train hard and master the suit. His humor isn’t the (quite entertaining) Tony Stark humor of a big rich mouth, but the winking weapon of a clever little man you have to like.

Besides, the idea is so wonderfully eccentric: Being able to shrink and enlarge via a suit is one thing, but then to communicate with ants using pheromone translation technology and make them into partners? Just the kind of crazy crap I like!

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