Princess Aurora Coloring Pages PDF

Princess Aurora is the star of the film Sleeping Beauty (1959). Get the beautiful Aurora coloring pictures on this page. Please choose the images you love the color them. Let’s have fun.

Aurora is born a princess, and the three fairies Flora, Fauna, and Spring give them a gift each. Flora gives them the gift of beauty; Fauna gives them the gift of a melodious voice.

Beautiful Princess Aurora Coloring Pages

One day while she is in the woods she meets Prince Philip, and they fall in love, without knowing their names, having spent so much time and being a peasant, Philip does not recognize her. As Aurora does not know that she is Princess Aurora, Philip’s love for a peasant leaves his father surprised.

When she turns sixteen, the fairies take Aurora to the castle of her parents, King Stefano and Queen Leah. There Malefica is waiting for Aurora to prick herself, and at the top of the highest tower, the Princess pricks her finger with a spinning wheel created by Malefica.

The Three Fairies are going to rescue Prince Philip, who is being held by Malefica, and they release him. Finally, Philip kisses Aurora and wakes up. The two lovers go down to the hall of the castle together with their parents.

Solving the peasant girl problem that Philip fell in love with, and who turned out to be the person he was engaged to and had to marry.

Download Princess Aurora Coloring Pages PDF