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There is a collection of bat coloring pictures below. We usually tend to think that only on Halloween. But these beautiful creatures of the night are suitable for painting in any season. So let’s have fun.

Bats (Chiroptera) are mammals that are distributed throughout the world except in the polar regions. Only three species of bats are hematophagous, that is, they feed on the blood of other animals.

Bat Coloring Pages To Print

They almost always feed at night and rest during the day. They leave their caves, caverns, or holes in groups of up to 50 million individuals in search of some prey, as in the case of the mouse-tailed bat.

Like dolphins, they use the echolocation method to detect obstacles, to orient themselves, to locate prey more effectively, and to communicate with each other.

This system consists of emitting sounds so that they produce echoes. In its return, the bat’s auditory nervous system detects it so that it can use it according to the situation that is being presented to it.

They reach sexual maturity at 12 months. Mating behavior also varies according to the species. In some cases, the group in trees and copulate with several close members.

Others form harems with some females, others prefer monogamy, and in other cases, the bat may copulate with a female in a state of hibernation when she can barely react to the male’s visit.

These animals are viviparous and develop the embryo in a period of 3 to 6 months. Gestation can last from 40 days to ten months. Generally, one baby is born, although in some cases, there may be two, and they only have one litter per year, except for the species of the genus Lasiurus, which has up to four babies.

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