Printable Beauty and The Beast Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you can print ant color a beautiful coloring picture of the Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast. Belle is a clever young woman held captive in a castle by a mysterious Beast. The Beast is a prince who has been turned into a hideous monster by a curse.

Beauty and The Beast is not only in the cartoon version but also in the live-action version. It tells the magical love story of a beautiful girl and a terrible monster, written by the French writer Jeanne-Marie Leprance de Beaumont.

Printable Beauty and The Beast Coloring Pages

To remove the terrible spell, an arrogant young man must learn not only good manners but also meet real mutual love. But to do all this, our hero needs until the moment when the magic rose left by the magician; the last petal will fall. Otherwise, the guy will remain in the guise of a monster for life.

Charming beauty Belle lives together with his father, Maurice, a freakish inventor, in a small provincial town. One day, having gone to the fair to demonstrate his next invention, Maurice gets lost and accidentally finds himself in a cursed castle, where he gets into the clutches of the monster.

Thrilled by his father’s absence, Belle goes in search of him and soon finds himself in an enchanted castle, where the girl offers her overcast master to become his prisoner in exchange for his father’s freedom.

In prison, Belle has friended the enchanted servants and eventually, the castle’s owner himself. The film has a happy ending. At the end of the story, Beauty and the Beast is falling in love. All curse has gone.

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