Belle Coloring Pages PDF To Print

Belle is a Disney princess and is the protagonist of the film Beauty and the Beast. You can get Belle coloring pictures below. Please browse the page to get them, and then you can print and color them with your colors. Happy coloring.

Before becoming a princess, Belle lived in the French countryside with her father and was considered the most beautiful woman in her village. Belle is passionate about reading, so she is knowledgeable.

The Beauty Belle Coloring Pages To Print

At the castle, Belle meets a clock, a candlestick, a teapot, and a cup, who happen to be the beast’s domestic servants. She becomes attached to them, and they, of course, do everything possible to help her.

From then on, Belle will have to face one of the biggest challenges of her life: getting to know the beast. Belle knew how to see through the sullen and horrifying facade of the creature, and she has always sought to approach him, to tell him that he could find in her a friend.

So when Bella learns the secret that the beast hides, she decides to do her best to help him. The beast is a prince who was cursed by a wicked witch and condemned to spend his days as a beast; true love is the only antidote to break the curse.

But who could love a beast, the prince wondered. Luckily for him, Bella always judged them by what was in their hearts and not by their physical appearance.

After fighting against Gaston, who had locked Maurice up in an asylum for revenge, Belle expressed her love for the prince, and thus he regained his original appearance: that of a handsome and charming Prince Charming. But for Belle, he looked as beautiful as ever. From then on, Princess Belle and her prince lived happily ever after.

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