Ben 10 Coloring Pages PDF

Ben 10 is a manga, a character from a Japanese comic book. The original manga can be read from right to left, which is the reading direction of this country.

The story tells about a 10-year-old boy who discovers a unique watch in a space capsule. When he wears it on his wrist, he can transform himself into ten creatures with extraordinary powers!

Ben 10 Coloring Pages

He discovers an object in the shape of a watch with strange powers in a space rescue capsule crashed on Earth. It called the Omnitrix. This watch-shaped object attaches itself to his wrist.

The watch-shaped allows Ben to transform into ten different form. Ben not only get the transform but also he gets the power. From now on, he can transform himself into ten different aliens with superhuman powers while retaining his childhood personality.

But this strange bracelet is coveted by terrible determined aliens, including a galactic lord named Vilgax. Thus, the boy must fight against threats far more dangerous than mere thieves.

Now Ben has to fight monsters, robots, and villains and protect Earth from the risk of an alien invasion. Ben likes to be a superhero, but in his heart, he’s still just an ordinary boy – curious, non-serious, and sometimes reckless.

It’s a good thing Ben is being helped by his cousin Gwen and grandfather Max, who knows more about aliens than meets the eye.  Ben uses the power to help others and stop the bad guys, but he isn’t above a little super-powered mischief now and then!

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