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The bunny is a quadruped mammal that belongs to the family Leporidae and the order Lagomorpha. There are bunny coloring pages on this page. You can print these funny pictures then color them with your favorite colors. Let’s chose the images you love then have fun.

The bunny is an animal whose body is covered by a dense, wool-like coat. Its color can vary a lot; there are white, grey, black, brown, etc. Its head is oval, and its eyes are big.

Bunny Coloring Pages

In the past, it was common to see them in various cultivation areas, but new techniques for plowing the land destroy the bunny burrows. Even so, it is possible to find them in lettuce plantations, grains, and roots cultivated for human consumption.

The bunny is a fertile animal all year round, but the season in which they are born most occurs during the first semester. The gestation period lasts 32 days, and usually, 4 to 12 puppies are born blind and without fur. T

His mother only visits her children for a few minutes a day to feed them with her nutritious milk. Weaning occurs after one month, and both males and females reach sexual maturity at age eight. 90% of the rabbits die before the first year of life, and the rest can live up to 10 years.

This mammal is territorial and gregarious and generally occupies territories less than 15 m². The hierarchy is important as the dominant males have priority in the mating season.

Usually, the bunny has nocturnal habits and feeds (is herbivorous) from dusk until dawn. They are generally silent but emit a strident sound when they are injured or scared. Another form of communication is smelled and physical contact.

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