Cat in The Hat Coloring Pages PDF

Do you like Dr. Seuss’s works? Or do you like The Cat in The Hat? you are in the right place because you can find the Cat in The Hat on this page. Please prepare yourself and be happy with your coloring.

The Cat in the Hat tells the story of two little brothers who are alone in the house watching bored out the window, with nothing to do, on the rainy day that is happening on the other side.

Cat in The Hat Coloring Pages

At the end of the story, the fish discovers how the mother approaches the home, which the cat takes advantage of to rearrange the whole house with a crazy device that it uses for this purpose.

Dr. Seuss’ cat has a lot of personalities. The cat’s mischief is not at all “exemplary”. The feline is a theatrical, rebellious character that poses complex situations. To begin with, he breaks the religious taboo of “don’t open the door to strangers”. He invites the child to explore the world, to look beyond conventions, in short, to seek his path.

There are two sources of morality and analysis in the story. The fish, which is the voice of reason, appeals to order and good manners, and that of the cat, which is an irrational taste for games, which relies on improvisation and chaos.

It takes for granted that children will immediately align themselves with the cat because it treasures the latent rebellion that they live in front of the dreary world of parents’ rules. This seems to be Dr. Seuss’ big gamble in the face of the unpalatable reading and writing manuals.

Download Cat in The Hat Coloring Pages PDF