Chinese New Year Coloring Pages PDF Printable

On this page, you can find coloring the Chinese New Year. As you know, creative activities play a huge role in the development of the child. They stimulate mental activity, form an aesthetic taste, and instill a love for art.

These coloring pictures show different motifs on the subject of Chinese New Year. Chinese astrology is 5000 years old. Chinese astrology is based on the moon and not – like the western astrology – on the sun.

Chinese Coloring Page Printable

It is easy to determine for yourself when a new year will come according to the Chinese calendar – it will be the second new moon after the winter solstice. We also recommend that you find out more about which animal’s year 2020.

There is one exciting myth connected with New Year in China – about a magic monster in which inhabitants of the Celestial Empire nicknamed Nyan.

According to legends, the monster is angry and hungry on the first day of the year. Especially Nanny likes small children who misbehaved last year. To fertilize the monster, villagers leave food and drinks on the doorstep of houses and temples – to avoid the sad fate and not to be eaten only in this way.

Another fascinating tradition associated with the Chinese New Year celebration is to hide all cleaning items. The day before the ceremony, the house must be brought in perfect order, and on the eve of New Year’s Eve, all brooms, rags, and brushes are accepted to hide, so that they do not get caught.

This ritual is connected with a legend that on New Year’s Eve, the gods bring happiness and luck to families for the whole next year. This luck settles down in the house in the form of dust, so in order not to miss the luck, you can not clean up immediately after New Year’s Eve some time.

Besides, to avoid failures in the coming year, a festive night cannot be spent in your bedroom – so even older people leave their rooms to join their family at the festive table.

In addition to traditional sweets and other pleasant gifts, it is customary in China to give two mandarins for the national New Year on arrival.

And when leaving the hospitable home, you need to take the other two tangerines already accepted as a gift from other participants of the celebration.

The clue of the strange ceremony is simple: it turns out that in Chinese, “a pair of tangerines” sounds like the word “gold”, so the presentation in the form of delicious fruit symbolizes the desire for wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

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