Daniel Tiger Coloring Pages PDF To Print

Daniel is a shy, curious, and brave four-year-old tiger who lives a full childhood of learning. Get the printable Daniel Tiger coloring pictures on this page.

You can choose your favorites below then color them with your colors. All of them are available with no charge. Happy coloring.

Daniel Tiger Coloring Pages To Print

Daniel is an only child; his family, composed by his father (a tiger who works in a watch factory) and his mother, grew up with the arrival of a sister of Daniel.

They all live in the Imaginary Neighborhood, an extraordinary and playful region.

Daniel Tiger’s family initially composed of his father and mother. The young man also has several friends who are children (such as Prince Wednesday and Helen) and other animals (the owl, the cat).

In the story, it is quite frequent that animals (owl, cat) and animated objects come to life and communicate by talking. The short 11-minute episodes describe everyday situations of the children: the birthday, the picnic with friends, the usual games.

In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood children’s production, we watch the humor and spontaneity typical of the universe of childhood.

We observe Daniel’s relationship with those around him and also what goes on inside his head, recognizing the doubts and curiosities typical of childhood.

In Daniel Tigre’s adventures, the character calls the viewer a neighbor by establishing a close relationship with those on the other side of the screen.

The program intentionally breaks the fourth wall, and the protagonist speaks directly to the viewer by asking interactive and straightforward questions such as Hey, you want to play pretend with me?

Daniel Tiger always pauses after these questions directed at the audience, leaving room for the viewer to answer.

This is one of the resources employed to make the child identify with Daniel Tigre, believing that the protagonist is a close friend.

It is One of the objectives of the animation, aimed at preschool children besides entertaining (also) teaching.

Daniel Tiger teaches, for example, children to count, to name the colors, shapes and to learn the letters of the alphabet. There is, therefore, a pedagogical concern in production.

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