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The deer has a fur coat with large or small white spots. The male deer gets antlers in April or May. The older the deer receives, the more the antlers branch out. In autumn, the bark on the antlers slowly hardens and begins to fall off.

Deer Coloring Pages

Deer eat all day from morning to evening. They eat grass, then lower their heads to look for fresh grass. They also eat young tree leaves, but sometimes they have to stand on their toes to access them.

The deer also like a sweet carrot, bread, or pumpkins. Of course, you also have to poop from food; the deer keys are small, harden balls. And the deer drink water. In the wintertime, it’s not easy to find food.

Often they have to eat dry grass, heather, or bark from a tree. Deer are sometimes food themselves, but for a wolf. When the deer loses its antlers, mice and squirrels gnaw at the antlers, so that’s food for them too.

The mating season of the deer is sometimes called the bronze age, the doe (the female) is expected in December. Next spring, she will have her calf (her young). When the calf is born, the mother erases all traces of the birth.

She does this because the predators don’t smell her calf anymore. Of course, the calf has to be able to walk as well, so she tries to stand on his legs, but when she has managed to stand on his own, he still wobbles a bit.

The calf immediately looks for his mother’s nipples to be able to drink. Two hours later, the calf dares to take a few steps. The calf follows his mother all the time and imitates her in everything.

The calf imitates her in everything: when she goes to sleep, when she eats grass, when she starts drinking water, etc. The calves drink at their mother’s place for 3 to 4 months.

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