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Funny Donald Duck Coloring Pages

Donald’s voice, anyone who has ever seen a cartoon by Donald Duck, of course, knows that silly hoarse duck voice! Orphan’s Benefit That anger and that silly croaking made such an impression on the people who saw the movie in the movie theater that Walt Disney’s studio received a lot of letters. Or that noisy duck couldn’t play in the cartoons more often!

That’s why Donald soon got a role in the cartoons of Mickey Mouse. The first of these was Orphan’s Benefit. In this film, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse give a charity performance for orphans.

They don’t like the performance very much, and they try to make it fail in all kinds of ways. They succeed very well because Donald is always getting excited and is going crazy.

Donald has changed quite a bit over the years. From the version from The Wise Little Hen, with long beak and hands that still look like feathers, then, you see in his comics now.

His character is also undergoing a metamorphosis. In the first cartoons, the audience could see what a strange bird that duck was. Passionate, boastful, noisy, grumpy, unreasonable, unwise, and sometimes a bit mean.

That all sounds very negative, but the funny thing is that something like that can also be entertaining! Deep down in his heart, that duck bear was a good guy! It soon became apparent that Donald, despite his grumbling, still had a friendly and honest character!

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