Duck Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

On this page, there are various motifs on the subject of animals for printing and coloring. Please have a look at our many other painting templates. Here you will find the duck coloring pictures.

Choose between simple coloring pictures for the tiny ones and detailed templates for the bigger ones. Print out the desired motif – and you can give free rein to their creativity.

Collection of Duck Coloring Pages

The duck is wholly adapted to life in and near the water. To be able to swim properly, he has flippers between his toes. This way, it goes a lot faster! Ducks don’t have to tread water like humans to stay upstairs. They float by themselves.

That’s because of the layer of fat they have on their feathers. It makes their feather suit completely waterproof. To keep their feathers fat, they extract fat from a fat gland near the tail. With their beaks, they spread the fat all over their bodies.

A duck not only needs water to find food but also for swimming, mating, and cleaning. The lack of water, together with a lack of daylight, causes a lack of such natural behavior. Ducks aren’t built to be on dry land all day.

It’s nice to feed ducks with bread. They croak nicely and like it very much! But did you know that feeding bread is not so good for ducks at all? Bread is quite fat, and a duck’s intestines are not made to digest grains. Ducks that eat bread usually only live to be three years old.

Ducks that are not fed eat algae and duckweed. It’s vital that they eat that because if there are too many algae, there’s less oxygen in the water. Without oxygen, no fish can live. Wouldn’t you like to feed ducks? Do this when it has been freezing for a couple of days (that’s when they need it) and feed them real duck food.

The life of an industrial duck starts in an incubator. Once hatched, the day-old chicks move directly to large rearing stables. There they have a straw, but no bathing water. Moreover, ducks are not allowed outside in the Netherlands for environmental reasons. Since 1998.

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