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Welcome to the elephant coloring section, you can find a wide variety of fun elephant coloring. You can easily express yourself with the coloring pencils on the drawings with our elephant coloring pictures.

Two big ears, a trunk, and two ivory tusks, these are the main characteristics of the African elephant. The Asian elephant has smaller ears.  You will notice that there are also some funny elephant colors and cartoon elephant colors. Anyway, there’s something for every taste and color!

Elephant Coloring Pages

As for the tusks, large modified incisors that develop throughout the elephant’s life, they are used for fighting, digging, feeding, or finding their way around. Alas, they attract the lust of poachers to feed an insatiable appetite for ivory, causing the death of 20,000 to 30,000 elephants each year.

The African Elephant is the most significant land animal today, but it is far behind the Blue Whale, which can weigh not now from 200 tons and exceed 30 meters long. The elephant walks on his fingertips; his toes are inserted in the foot; there are between 2 and 5 of them. We can only see the nails.

However, we can see between three and five nails depending on the feet. The front feet have a rounded shape, while the hind feet have an oval shape. The feet are made up of fatty tissue that acts as a shock absorber. It is impossible for an elephant to jump, for biomechanical reasons: it always needs one foot on the ground. However, it can run at a maximum speed of 20 km/h (record 24 km/h).

Although the term ‘running’ is used for an elephant, it should be noted that the term is inappropriate. It would be more logical to say that it “walks fast”. It does not change its speed when it accelerates. The color of an elephant’s skin is greyish; however, its apparent color is related to the ground on which the elephant is moving.

The elephant is a herbivore: feeds mainly on plants and occasionally on fruits. Elephant diet varies considerably according to the regions it travels through (from equatorial forests to steppes) and according to the time of year.

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