Fall Coloring Pages PDF

Kindergartners usually really like drawing views of trees with mountains. In order to make the scenery more varied, it’s our job, as parents to introduce children with various types of landscape images included fall season.

Through the fall scenery picture, children will develop their imagination more because they have been taught different scenery images than usual. Autumn, also known as fall season, is one of the four seasons in a temperate climate, and is a transition period from summer to winter.

Fall Coloring Pages

It is a special season. In this season, in temperate countries, blue skies, clear days and cool nights gradually decorate hills covered with trees with various shades of yellow, orange and red.

In this season, evergreen trees such as cypress and cedar make very harmonious blend of bright red and yellow colors of other deciduous.

Autumn are part of the process trees preparing themselves for winter. The shorter days during the falls remind the biological clock on the tree to start stopping the supply of water and nutrient to the leaves.

In the northern hemisphere, the calendar / astronomy autumn takes place from September 23 (equinox to the south) to December 21, while in the southern hemisphere the autumn begins March 21 (equinox to the north) and ends June 21. 

Although the days begin to shorten in July or August in the northern hemisphere and in January and February in the south, usually in September or March the sun sets early.

It is clear that when we use autumn coloring pages to our children we can tell them about kinds of season in another part of the world. They can be enthusiastic to color them because the scenery in the picture is so good and different.

Download Fall Coloring Pages PDF