Printable Finding Dory Coloring Pages PDF

Dory is the cute little blue fish with short-term memory problems. She is the protagonist of this new adventure on the ocean, entitled Finding Dory. Get The Funny Finding Dory coloring pictures on this page. Happy coloring.

The importance of family, as well as love, understanding, affection, and solidarity, is present in the film, which is the sequel to Finding Nemo, also distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Pixar. The film is directed by Andrew Stanton, who is in charge of the original film and returns with Angus MacLane as co-director.

Printable Finding Dory Coloring Pages

Adventures. Following her recently recovered memories, the fun Dory with short-term memory will begin a journey to the Californian coast, accompanied by her friends Marlin and Nemo, from whom she separates along the way, joins at another time and separates again.

Dory is looking for her parents, and MarlĂ­n and Nemo are looking for her. The film has several adventures, facing the ocean dangers, but with the motivation of being reunited – in both cases – with their family, the family of blood, and heart.

Then they arrive at the California Institute of Marine Biology, a rehabilitation center for marine life. There, Dory will meet Bailey, a white beluga whale; Destiny, a whale shark; and Hank, the octopus. Her new companions will help her find her lost parents and discover the true meaning of family.

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