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The ghost is an entity of legends and folklore. It is referred to as an incorporeal presence. It often characterized by some macabre or sinister elements (wrapped in a shroud or without a head, surrounded by a certain luminescence or producing noise of chains).

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Ghost Coloring Pages For Children

Similarly, the circumstances of the apparitions are also characterized by recurring elements such as night time, gloomy and isolated places, etc.

The word ghost, from the ancient Greek phantasma in turn from phantazo “I appear”, had the meaning of apparition (understood as a supernatural manifestation) and only with time has its purpose narrowed to indicate the ghost of a deceased person.

The ghost is a recurrent figure in popular and literary tradition, of practically all civilizations. In the Eastern culture and the Greek and Roman myths, the apparition of ghosts is not associated with the feeling of fear.

The ghost is a typical character of horror literature. A famous example can be found in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In horror stories, ghosts frequently haunt old castles or ancient mansions. In children’s stories, the ghost can take on a decisive role.

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