Printable GIR Coloring Pages Pdf

Invader Zim’s deuteragonist is GIR. He was created from leftover parts and provided to Zim by the Almighty Tallest in place of a standard SIR. 

He is Zim’s crazy, hyperactive robotic sidekick and is the closest thing he has to a friend. Now you can see him on the following printable GIR Coloring pages below.

Free GIR Coloring Pages

The plot revolves around an alien named Zim, initially from the Irken Empire, who desires to control the entire universe. 

The Highest sends him, along with the robot G.I.R., to colonize an unknown and distant planet to eliminate his uselessness and the destruction he leaves in his wake. 

Zim is reckless, arrogant, and paranoid; this makes him a rather incompetent invader (although he considers himself the best). 

Putting aside these negative attributes, he would be a powerful invader thanks to his gigantic inventiveness and perseverance. 

It is common for him to fail to realize his mistakes and even to deceive himself when he makes one. 

His human disguise consists only of contact lenses that resemble the human ocular constitution and a tuft of black hair that hides his antennae. He lacks ears and a nose in disguise, and his skin remains green. 

G.I.R is Zim’s robot companion assigned by the Most Highs to assist him in his supposed conquest of Earth. 

G.I.R. stands for S.I.R. (Standard Information Retrieval); it means Standard Information Retrieval but is translated as U.C.I. (Information Capture Unit). 

No one knows what the “G” stands for, but it is speculated, because of their crazy behavior and addiction to trash TV and fast food, that it stands for Garbage Information Retrieval. 

G.I.R. has a strange taste for stuffed animals, especially piglets, moose, and monkeys. 

He also has an excessive preference for junk food, such as tacos, sandwiches, waffles, and pizza, to the point that he explodes when he can’t get them.

Download Printable GIR Coloring Pages PDF