Goku Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, we’ve collected several nice coloring pictures from the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z especially Son Goku. We have some images of Dragon Ball’s main character for you to print and color in.

Son Goku and his friends (the Z-Warriors) protect the Earth and other planets from various villains who want to conquer or destroy a world. So here we go! Have fun, coloring!

Goku Coloring Pages

Son Goku was born on the planet Vegeta under the name of “Kakarott”. Son Goku’s parents decided to send the child to Earth to conquer it and kill the people living there. But the plan is going not good because Son Gohan, who found the child after its arrival, took it into his care and baptized it with the name Son Goku.

He also taught him various martial arts. When Son Goku fell into a ravine one day and seriously injured his head, he suddenly changed and became nice and kindhearted. But this was to change quickly: Son Goku has a monkey tail and turns into a werewolf, an oozaru, when the moon is full. As a result, he unintentionally killed his grandfather, Son Gohan, during one of his transformations, which he only understood later.

Son Goku can be recognized optically by its strikingly protruding hair. Son Goku loves to fight, and he doesn’t care if he is the stronger or weaker part of the fight. Often it also happens that he is too sweet to his opponents during a battle because of his positively changed character, which is especially untypical for a Saiyajin.

In the manga series, you can always watch him devouring tons of food. However, what’s most impressive is probably his unbroken fighting spirit and the will to win. He may also seem a bit naive, as Son Goku pursues a practical and straightforward worldview. Son Goku is married to Chichi and has two common sons: Son Gohan and Son Goten. Both can turn into Super-Saiyajins because Saiyajin-blood flows in them.

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