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Today you are in luck, as you have found the best collection of shark coloring pictures. This means that you can get best drawings so you can entertain yourself while giving color to an animal that is the king of the seas.

The shark is one of the most popular and well-known animals to people, because of the physical characteristics it possesses and the thousands of stories of how lethal its attacks can be in some circumstances.

Collection of Shark Coloring Pages

These animals have colors that help them to be able to camouflage themselves from possible predators that may attack them or from their potential victims.

Usually, the upper body is dark, and the lower or ventral areas are light or white. Its skin is rough, resistant, and thick, ideal characteristics to protect itself from other animals.

They can have different sizes depending on the species we are dealing with, the shark with the most extended length is the whale shark with a maximum of 18 meters. The skin of the shark is well known for having dermal denticles that allow it to act with silent movements.

The teeth vary according to the species, and the quality they possess is that they can replace those parts that they lose in attacks. Besides, they can perceive electrical impulses, which makes hunting easier.

They have a much more dynamic behavior at night for hunting, and most of these animals will be seen alone, although there are other species a little more friendly in times of mating.

It is said that these animals have a life span of at least 20 to 30 years. Sharks have an incredible capacity to adapt, as is the case with the bull shark, which can live in both fresh and saltwater.

Sharks can be found in all oceans around the world. Depth, temperature, and other factors such as food availability define their distribution. Sharks can adapt to a wide range of habitats and can live in shallow waters, on the ocean floor or in the open sea, tending to prefer tropical and temperate zones.

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