The Green Lantern Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you can get The Green Lantern coloring pages. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. Please choose your most like below, so happy coloring.

One day, during a flight training, green energy envelops Hal and transports him to the crash site of an alien ship. Hal approaches the wreckage and discovers an alien in his last moments of life.

Green Lantern Coloring Pages

That’s how Hal Jordan was found. He takes the ring from the alien’s hands and accepts responsibility for becoming a Green Lantern.

After that event, Hal Jordan is transported to planet Oa, Green Lantern base, and home to the Central Battery, the power source that supplies all the rings of the Troop.

The Battery was created and is protected by the Guardians, a group of immortal aliens. Hal then begins to learn all about that order. He’s mentored another more experienced Lantern called Sinestro.

He told us that the universe is divided into 3600 sectors, each of which is protected by a Green Lantern.

The Earth was in sector 2814, and Hal Jordan was the first human Green Lantern in Troop’s history.

Hal was also explained how the Green Lantern rings work. They are considered the most potent weapons in the universe, capable of producing energy constructs in whatever form their user may imagine.

Besides, the higher the Green Lantern’s willpower, that is, the higher his ability to face fear, the more influential the ring will be.

Hal Jordan would continue to help the Green Lanterns maintain order in the universe by taking responsibility for sector 2814.

He fought several threats, helped found the Justice League, and won the title of greatest Green Lantern of all time.

Finally, another enemy worth mentioning is Parallax, a powerful demonic entity that feeds off the fear of living beings.

It is trapped inside the Green Lantern Central Battery and is the yellow impurity of the ring energy. Parallax is the reason why the Lanterns have a weakness against the yellow color.

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