Hello Kitty Coloring Pages PDF

Hello Kitty is one of the characters that is loved by many people, both children and adults. This character is identical to the pink color and is similar to a cat animal as the name suggests.

The series  combine several characters as the main figures, such as:

  • Hello Kitty, who is wise, kind, smart and feminine.
  • Melody, almost the same as Kitty, a model girl who was a bit shy.
  • Dear Daniel, who is also of good character like Kitty.
  • Pochaco, the nosy and wayward, likes sleepiness and a hobby of eating.
  • Badtz-Maru, the nosy and wayward too.
  • Kero Keroppi is smart, a hobby of experimenting and creating things (sometimes things are useful, sometimes not at all), sometimes nosy too.

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages Collection

Find out the collection of Hello Kitty images below.

In this series the six characters were in one frame, are classmates and playmates together. Many stories that illustrate the lives of elementary school children in it, illustrate that in one “gang” it turns out that various traits can emerge and how to be well friends. A simple spectacle that is good for young children.

The cute face of this cartoon character is very innocent and adorable. Actually, Hello Kitty’s real name is Kitty White.  The question of how Kitty White can be called by the name Hello Kitty could be a lively subject for discussion. How come the real name is Kitty White but it’s changed to the name Hello Kitty which is actually more famous than the original name? In 1974, Sanrio launched a coin purse product with a picture of this funny character and it said “Hello” underneath. Since then, the name Hello Kitty has become very popular in the market.

The Hello Kitty cartoon character is very cute and famous so it is very nice to you to make them as coloring pages picture. Children will be so excited to do coloring when they know the picture of the subject is Hello Kitty.

Download Hello Kitty Coloring Pages PDF