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The Siberian Husky is a sled dog of medium size. You can get the husky coloring pictures on this page. Please choose the images you like then color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring.

Its origins date back very far in time, are rooted in the northern territories, when they were the dogs of the ancient Nordic population: the Ciucci.

Husky Coloring Pages Ideas

Driven by their independent and autonomous lives, they always managed to hide and escape quickly; how did they do it?

Only thanks to their sled dogs, the ancestors of the modern Siberian Husky, bred by this population and with whom they shared their constant exploration of new and different places.

This characteristic has forged their way of being, so these dogs are not territorial; they do not trace the territory as it happens for all other dog breeds with the urine output.

Because of the continuous wandering, the Siberian Huskies have transformed their character into non-territorial and not too socialized animals.

It is specified that today, they are dogs that live well in the family. Still, it is difficult to eradicate a past like theirs, always in continuous exploration of different places and with few people to be in contact without too many strangers to compare themselves.

In the past, talking about several decades ago, this dog had become a real fashion. However, with time, the enthusiasm for this animal has gone a little ‘fading, and today there are few farms to turn to if and when you intend to adopt one.

The Siberian Husky is a dog with a particular character, and it is good to say that it is challenging his eventual training. It takes a leading figure of stable temperament that the dog can see as its leader to obey. This is always very reluctant to do so.

From an early age, it is essential to teach well the recall and other simple commands that he must learn to follow. In particular, that of the recall is a command that will tend not to follow, especially if he smells prey air. He becomes just almost deaf to any recall.

He will return to his master only when he has fulfilled his task, only when he has given vent to the instinct that has been dragged in for centuries.

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