Kangaroo Coloring Pages PDF

Are you looking for kangaroo drawings to print and color? You are in the right place, and here you can find a collection of kangaroos coloring pictures to be printed and become a beautiful art workshop.

The kangaroo is an Australian marsupial, with very developed hind legs with which these animals proceed in jumps. The body, which, when in resting position, is kept erect, tapering upwards, while it is massive in the lower part.

Kangaroo Coloring Pages

The tail is long and massive and can be considered to all intents and purposes as a fifth limb, as in resting position, it rests firmly on the ground, while as a function of momentum or balance during the jump.

The elongated but not pointed muzzle is quite similar to that of a dog, while the very developed ears are more similar to those of a rabbit, and the big eyes, with a tame expression, resemble those of a fawn.

The hair is thick and woolly and varies in color depending on the species. In the most diffused and known species, the hair is brownish-grey.

The dimensions are remarkable, as the height of the most significant specimens can reach the 2 meters. Kangaroos live in more or less numerous herds and preferably frequent clearings, prairies, and, more generally, open spaces.

If threatened, they escape with surprising rapidity, performing leaps that can sometimes exceed twelve meters in length and three meters in height.

Even if of docile temperament, the males of the kangaroos often engage in spectacular fights between them, which, however, remain devoid of severe consequences.

In addition to the giant kangaroo (Macropus major), the red kangaroo (Macropus Rufus) is also frequent, also of considerable size. Many smaller species are known as wallabies, but all kangaroos belong to marsupials and the family of macropodids.

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