Little Mermaid Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you can find The Little Mermaid coloring pictures. You can print then color them as you like. Happy coloring. It was the day of the concert in the kingdom of King Triton, at the bottom of the sea.

It was going to be an amazing night because, besides six of King Tritão’s daughters performing the mermaid, Ariel would also sing his first solo!

Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

But before they could do anything to protect themselves, giant waves threw the boat against the rocks, and it sank, throwing Prince Eric into the sea.

Ariel, realizing the prince was sinking, swam to him to save him. The prince was taken by the mermaid to the beach and sang until he awoke.

The prince was found by a servant who took him to the palace. On the way, Eric told the servant that he had been saved by a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.

While Ariel was weeping, two wicked eels told her that all her dreams could be fulfilled if she spoke to Ursula, the sea witch. Ariel then went to the witch, who agreed to help the mermaid in exchange for her voice!

Ariel agreed, and after a short time, she found herself on the beach, with his tail turned into beautiful legs. Prince Eric walking with his dog on the beach, saw Ariel and ran up to her, asking if they knew each other.

But Ariel, without his voice, could only nod his head. Eric took Ariel to the palace and introduced her to everyone. The days were passing, and the two of them were very happy together.

Then Ursula devised a plan to separate them. She became a beautiful girl named Vanessa and used Ariel’s voice, which was kept on a magic conch around the witch’s neck, to deceive the prince, but it did not work.

However, Eric and Ariel loved each other, so King Triton turned Ariel’s tail into legs again so that Ariel could live happily ever after with his prince Eric!

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