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Toys LOL are treading the peak of popularity among children throughout the world. Even though the doll inside the LOL Surprise ball is not exactly revolutionary. The uniqueness of LOL Surprise is that the buyer cannot guess what is in the ball until they buy and open it.

Parents definitely want to make their children happy and always be. So it is common for parents to be willing to reach deeper pockets in order to be able to buy the  child wanted things.

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LOL Surprise toys are still very happening among children in the country. Even the various doll characters are made into various kinds of other products such as bags, pens, socks, drinking containers, and so on.

Because this toy is considered quite expensive for ordinary people, so not a few of the children who bought various other items displaying this LOL doll.

LOL dolls are small baby dolls wrapped in surprise toy balls. Each ball has layers that contain stickers, secret messages, matching accessories, and finally dolls. The secret most often found is the doll label that is in the outermost layer of the ball, almost never being a doll inside.

LOL stands for Little Outrageous Littles. Each LOL ball has a number of layers to peel, depending on which LOL product you buy. The number of layers for the doll is written on the side of the ball. Usually, layers consist of secret messages, collectible stickers, bottles, accessories (clothing, shoes, headbands, glasses, etc.).

Lol Suprise! have more than 250 dolls collections, it will enrich chidren imagination about many kinds of dolls character. So, it’s right for us, as parents to use Lol surprise coloring pages to enhance student creativity in coloring pages.

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