Minions Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you can find many drawings of Minions to color. The Minions are the funniest creatures in the movie Despicable Me and Minions. In the film, the Minions work for the villain and live many adventures together. Just enjoy the minion’s pic below.

The Minions are yellow creatures with black gloves on both hands, black safety boots, and metal safety glasses. They have been on the Earth since the beginning of time. Their mission is to be the henchmen of super-villains.

Minions Coloring Pages

The lack of a villain leads to depression, so one of the minions named Kevin comes up with a plan to find a new villain for his people. The rebellious teenage minion Stuart volunteers to join Kevin, while the adorable minion boy Bob joins Kevin after he thought he was too young.

Despite understanding our language, the Minions are not able to create coherent sentences and are always heard talking nonsense. They eat everything, but they love bananas. Although they are clumsy and easily distracted, they are intelligent in specific ways.

The Minions are small, yellow pill-shaped creatures that have existed since the beginning of time, as an evolution of single-cell organisms that have only one purpose: to serve the most despicable villain in history, the Gru.

Three Minions stand out from the rest:

Kevin: He’s tall and thin, has two eyes, and a ridge in the center of his head. There is another Kevin among the Minions, although he looks completely different: one eye, a bit chubby, short, and with hair all over his head. He’s one of the most revered of Mr. Gru’s.

Stuart: He has one eye, is medium height, and a bit chubby. His hair is made up of six strands divided in half and attached to his head. His personality is friendly, cheerful, and very intelligent. You can find drawings of Stuart’s Minions disguised as a girl or with a ukulele.

Bob: he is the smallest of the three, both in size and age. He has two eyes, one brown and the other green. He’s bald. His attitude is one of the most childish; he is easily distracted; he is amiable, cheerful, and affectionate. You can find pictures of Bob holding a teddy bear named Tim.

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