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The monkey is considered a primate mammal, the same taxonomic order to which the human being belongs. Get these funny animals on this page. Let us choose your favorites then color them. Happy coloring.

There are about 260 known species of monkeys around the world. Most are arboreal, although there are exceptions, such as the baboon, which stays most of its time in the land. They differ from the apes in that the latter does not have a tail.

Monkey Coloring Pages

They are very social animals that use vocalizations, body movements, and facial expressions to communicate. A group of monkeys is known as a troop, and the members vary with the type of species.

Members of a troop travel together to find food and protect themselves from danger.

Within the troop, there are harems, including an adult male, several females, and they’re young. The “singles” form their grouping.

Something we know a lot about monkeys is the physical contact between individuals, especially during grooming.

Apart from removing impurities, mutual grooming serves to build and maintain good social relationships, as well as to “make passes” and initiate a friendship with a member of another troop.

Some species are polygamous, and others are monogamous. The gestation period takes from 4 to 8 months depending on the species, and sexual maturity can be as early as 18 months or as late as eight years.

The number of offspring ranges from one to a maximum of three. Marmosets and tamarins are the ones that often have trials.

Newborns have a different appearance and coloring than their parents. It is believed that this allows members of the troop to identify better and care for them.

Mothers are very protective and carry their babies on their backs or their chests. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 50 years.

Download Monkey Coloring Pages PDF