Free Printable Monster Inc Coloring Pages Pdf

We sneak into the exciting world of monsters in our Monster Inc. coloring pages. Strangely shaped monsters will attract children. Monster Inc is an animated adventure film that emphasizes the importance of teamwork and solidarity. 

The cartoon has two main characters: James Sulley Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. They work together in Monster Inc.

Monster Inc Coloring Pages to Print

Monster Inc was the fourth Pixar Studios film, after Toy Story (1995), Bugs (1998), and Toy Story 2 (1999), with which they had already won the hearts of children and those who were not so young.

It is when the idea of creating a city of monsters whose life depends on their electric company, Monsters, Inc., and their curious way of generating energy: by collecting screams from frightened children, came up.

The idea that gave rise to the film dates back to 1994 when, at a working lunch, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranfit, and John Lasseter discussed the possibility of making a film about the monsters that come out of closets and that all children fear.

The film begins with the daily activity of two of the company’s workers, a giant, furry, lovable blue monster named James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and his prankster best friend, Mike Wazowski, a small green Cyclops.

They are two factories, “scarers” whose mission is to enter the human world to scare children and harvest their screams through doors that activate portals to their bedroom closets.

The job is considered dangerous, as human children are believed to be toxic, and to top it off, energy production is dropping because the children are less easily frightened.

The situation worsens when Sulley discovers that someone has left a door active one night. While inspecting the door, a two-year-old girl, Boo, accidentally sneaks into the factory. 

After several failed attempts by the scarer to return her, Randall, an evil employee in the form of a purple chameleon, intrudes.

However, when they discover that the girl is non-toxic and that her laughter generates ten times more energy than screaming, Sulley devises a plan to solve Monsteropolis’ critical energy situation and be able to return Boo to her family.

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