Mulan Coloring Pages PDF

Mulan is a famous character who belongs to the Disney Princesses and is inspired by the legendary Hua Mulan from the Chinese poem Ballad of Mulan.

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Mulan Coloring Pages

Mulan is not elegant but somewhat clumsy and childish. She is not discreet but rather arrogant and very frank. She is also not quite but rather the opposite; she is always ready for a little action.

During the first film, Mulan, we can observe a significant transition in the personality of this character, who, in the beginning, is insecure and frustrated, thinking that she will never be able to bring honor to her family.

However, towards the end, we see how she matures and gains total confidence in herself to become the person she always wanted to be.

Mulan’s story begins when she is determined to save her elderly and sick father from certain death. She decides to disguise herself as a man to take his place when he is called upon to participate in the war to fight the Huns, led by Shan, and their attempts to invade China.

Mushu, a dragon who was supposedly sent by her ancestors to protect her, suggested to Mulan that she adopt the name Ping to hide her identity.

It should be noted that Fa Mulan is the only Disney Princess who is not really a princess and who does not marry any prince either, but her values make her an example to follow good enough to earn the title of princess.

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