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Octonauts is a series made in 3D with CGI animation based on the children’s book series. Chorion / Brown Bag Films produce the series, which has 1 season with 69 episodes.

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Free Octonauts Coloring Pages

The series stars the Octonauts, a group of explorers in the shape of humanized animals. The Octonauts’ mission is to “explore, rescue, and protect” the marine world and its inhabitants. 

In each episode, the Octonauts sail in a fleet of sunken ships to rescue sea creatures and explore the marine world. At the end of each episode, they return to their base, the Octomodule.

Octonauts is not overly sentimental because it is not a show about sentiments like most children’s television programs are. 

The characters aren’t crying out because someone ate a cupcake, spilled paint, or did any other nonsense that characterizes most shows geared toward toddlers. 

It is an action-adventure program in which the conflicts range from attempting to reason with a Great White Shark while said Great White Shark is trying to eat you to locating and saving invasive species in the Florida Everglades.

All of the talking (mostly) non-aquatic Octonauts are land animals. Captain Barnacles is a polar bear; Peso, the doctor, is a penguin. Tweak, the engineer is a green rabbit. 

Kwazii, the former pirate, is a cat, and Shellington, the scientist, is a sea otter. And Professor Inkling, the founder of the Octonauts, is a dumb Octopus who wears a monocle and appears to fall asleep in an armchair full of books every night. 

A team of “Vegimals,” half vegetables and half animals, help the Octonauts on their adventures. Although they are the least entertaining aspects of the show, these things consistently outperform Elmo.

The Octonauts typically features an encounter with a genuine animal needing assistance. All the creatures the Octonauts come across are real, except the mutant Vegimals and the fact that all animals have voices. 

When the Octonauts sing “Go Yeti Crab, Go Yeti Crab!” or whatever the week’s species is, you get to see real-life footage of the real-life creature. 

This happens during the “Creature Report” song that concludes most episodes. Because you’re always engrossed in the adventure, this show doesn’t annoy you by slipping in these animal facts.

Download Octonauts Coloring Pages Pdf