Pikachu Coloring Pages PDF

Pikachu is a cartoon, which features cute and adorable yellow creatures. Many children like it. It always definitely brings the excitement story and made an impression in children’s mind.

There are 60 types of Pokemon in the film this was revealed by Greg Baxter, producer of visual effects from the film “Detective Pikachu”.

Pikachu Coloring Pages

In addition, there is also a small red circle on his cheek while the tail is shaped like lightning.The creator of Pikachu, namely Atsuko Nishida said that there was one animal that inspired him to make the character Pikachu.

The animal turned out to be a squirrel. Nishida said that at that time he really liked squirrels. Thus, the character of his creation finally made like a squirrel. Well, Nishida said that the squirrel’s tail was very cute.

Therefore, Pikachu is also made to have a tail. And because Pikachu has an electric element, so Pikachu’s tail is shaped like lightning. Nishida also apparently wants Pikachu to have chubby cheeks.

The circle on Pikachu’s cheek indicates that Pikachu likes to eat. That’s because squirrels eat a lot, not their round bodies, but their cheeks.

It’s very good for your children to use Pikachu coloring pages as media to learn coloring subject to your children. They can know about this cute character and develop their creativity through this character.

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