Pocahontas Coloring Pages PDF

Pocahontas is a beautiful young woman with a noble and indomitable spirit, born into a very sophisticated Amerindian culture. There are Pocahontas coloring pictures below. Please browse the page get them. Have Fun.

She is also very spiritual and maintains a very close and particular relationship with nature. She is kind and loves an excellent adventure.

Pocahontas Coloring Pages

Little by little, Pocahontas and Smith strengthen their bonds and get to know each other better through a kind of game in which they ask each other questions about their respective people and customs. In time, the inevitable happens: the young people fall hopelessly in love with each other.

While Pocahontas and Smith share a romantic kiss, these two are discovered by an angry Kocoum, who attacks Smith without hesitation.

Before Pocahontas can stand in the way of a tragedy, Smith’s ally Thomas shoots Kocoum dead. Before this, Smith decides that it would be best to take the blame, for which he is taken prisoner by Powhatan’s men and sentenced to death by dawn.

To avoid a war between the Americans and the colonists, Pocahontas goes to the place where her beloved is scheduled to be executed, gathers the forces of nature, and asks them to help her, thus managing to arrive just in time to save Smith from undeserved punishment.

Pocahontas gets her father to listen to her and take her side. But it all gets worse when angry Governor Ratcliffe tries to shoot Powhatan.

At that moment, Smith reacts quickly and stands between the candle and Pocahontas’ father, and receives the full impact of the bullet.

Severely wounded, Smith asks Pocahontas to accompany him to his homeland, England. Still, she refuses and excuses herself, saying that her place is with her people in Virginia, although this does not prevent them from promising each other eternal love.

As the ship sails into the distance, separating the two, Pocahontas and Smith signal farewell until they lose sight of each other.

In the sequel, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, a much more mature Pocahontas travels to London on diplomatic business, to avoid a possible attack on her tribe.

During this trip, Pocahontas not only meets her old love, John Smith, but also rejects him because of new love, John Rolfe. Pocahontas is no longer the same as she was before, and she does not have the same aspirations and goals as she did years ago.

Having accomplished their mission, Pocahontas and Rolfe return to Virginia together and kiss as they head toward the dawn of a new beginning.

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