Princess Coloring Pages PDF

A princess is never subsiding character  all the time. Her presence always be an idol, dreamed of, and known as a beautiful, wise, gentle, and kind-hearted figure. That’s why the coloring pages with character princess themed is very proper for the children.

Many people fall in love with Disney films, especially about Princess Disney. A love story about a princess who meets a prince, falls in love and finally lives a happy life is a great fantasy and hope offered in the story, especially  for the children.

Princess Coloring Pages

Every Disney Princess also has to face difficulties before getting what they want. Here are the example of great characters of them.

  1. Moana. Moana is a figure who empathizes with others and brave leaders 
  2. Anna. Similar to Moana, Anna also has a strong desire and always positively sees challenges. Anna is also always cheerful and friendly to anyone.
  3. Mulan.  Mulan is not afraid to be a soldier for her father’s sake . Although Mulan had to adjust to the other soldiers and start new things that had never been done, she was brave to take risks. Mulan’s only goal is to be a child who is devoted to her parents.
  4.  Jasmine.  Jasmine disguises herself as a commoner and sneaks out of the palace and being a princess living in the palace did not make Jasmine a spoiled person.
  5. Cinderella. Cinderella is always kind to anyone both in humans and in the animals around them. She also does not hold grudges even though he is not treated well by others. Cinderella also always believes in her conscience.
  6. Snow White Snow White who is in distress be kind to the creatures who help her . The first princess from Disney also has a kind heart like Cinderella.

Despite facing difficult times, she is still kind to anyone who meets her. Especially for the animals and dwarves who help her.

The great qualities of the princesses are good model for children. Then taken form their figure , coloring pages with princess characters are highly recommended.

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