Rabbit Coloring Pages PDF

The coloring rabbit is not only an outstanding Easter job but also one of the little animals that children like the most. Inside this page, you can find our collection of rabbit coloring pictures for printing and coloring. Try to print and color them with pencils.

Rabbit is a prey, so that means that when he feels threatened or immobilized or runs away. This means that if you take your newly adopted bunny’s arm and he stands still, he is likely to be terrified because he is not used to it.

Rabbit Coloring Pages

The rabbit’s skeleton is very light, with highly developed musculature, which explains why when he struggles, he fractures easily.

Rabbits have perfect eyesight, their field of vision is almost 180-190 degrees, which means that they can see very well from the side, behind and above (so you won’t be able to catch them by surprise).

On the other hand, it has a blind spot right in front of its nose. They can see very well in the half-light and can distinguish between blue and green.

Rabbits’ ears are very delicate; they should never be grasped roughly and are used by the rabbit for thermoregulation. They also indicate their mood, depending on their position.

Another peculiarity of the rabbit is that it has retractile testicles. Up to 12 weeks, they remain inside the abdomen, then descend into the scrotum through the inguinal canal. This channel in rabbits remains open, so when the rabbit is scared or feels threatened, the testicles are pulled up.

The females have 4-5 pairs of udders; in the males, the nipples are hardly visible. Male and female have the inguinal pockets on the side of the penis or vulva, which have many odoriferous glands. Check that they are clean and that no infections or feces are sticking to the area.

The rabbit’s skin is very delicate, it hurts easily (on the other hand, piercing it for injections is harder) and has no sweat glands (which explains why it is susceptible to heatstroke).

The legs do not have insole cushions, which means that they must be on a soft, clean surface because they do not have protective insole cushions. And the rabbit’s nails are not retractable.

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