Rainbow Friends Coloring Pages

Do you look for creepy things? So you have got them. We have a fantastic collection of Rainbow Friends coloring pages to print below.

Rainbow Friends is a Roblox horror experience that joins the likes of Piggy, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Poppy Playtime. They are seemingly cute and friendly and turning it into a terrifying nightmare.

Printable Rainbow Friends Coloring Pages

It’s also a famous formula, with nearly 100 million views counted by Creepy Friends, proving to be one of the unique titles Roblox has to offer.

Like the games in the FNAF series, Roblox’s Rainbow Friends takes place over five nights, with each night consisting of a particular task or challenge that you must complete while avoiding multicolored monstrosities. 

Sure, there’s a hefty price to pay for failing any of these tasks, especially considering you’re playing as a kid on a field trip, but there’s a way to get through the week. 

In Rainbow Friends, you take on the role of an unnamed boy who was abducted while visiting Odd World amusement park with his class.

You have five nights to survive in this weird location after being captured, with just the Rainbow Friends and you there (if you can call them life).

The game is similar to later FNAF titles and popular Slenderman-like horror experiences where you must complete small quests on a map filled with nightmare-fueled characters. 

As expected, this means Rainbow Friends is full of jumpscares, and the developer regularly adds new ways to scare you as you try to escape Odd World.

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