The Sweet Rapunzel Coloring Pages PDF

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Princess Rapunzel, the queen, was born sometime later with an unusual and shiny golden hair, which turned out to have the same healing powers as the flower. To celebrate the birth of the princess, the kings would throw and fill the sky with lighted lanterns.

The Sweet Rapunzel Coloring Pages

In the meantime, Gothel isolated Rapunzel from the world and took charge of raising her as his daughter. Seventeen years later, Rapunzel’s hair is an incredible 21 meters long. She alone in a hidden tower with her faithful pet chameleon, Pascal, and Gothel.

On the day of Rapunzel’s 18th birthday, her mother once again refused to take her to see up close the floating lanterns that are ritually thrown into the kingdom on her birthday for reasons she does not know.

After Rapunzel’s incredible adventure outside the tower walls. Finally, She defeats the witch, who kept her kidnapped and estranged from her family. Rapunzel returns to her kingdom safe and sound in Eugene’s company.

Rapunzel recovers the life that was taken from her, marries her first love, the charming and ingenious Eugene, and they live happily ever after.

Rapunzel is a dreamy young princess with a passion for art and freedom. She is brave, intelligent, fearless, sweet, loving, and an excellent friend, willing to sacrifice herself for those she loves.

Undoubtedly, her golden hair is not by far the best of her attributes. The Tangled, the film of Rapunzel, is a charmingly funny story that you can’t miss.

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