Printable Robot Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

Probably when you hear the word robot, the first image that visits the antechamber of your mind is that of the blissful Star Wars robot C3PO or the ruthless Terminator.

A robot is a mechatronic device (combining mechanics, electronics, and computers). Get the printable robot coloring pages below. Please chose your favorites the color them as you like. Happy coloring.

Printable Robot Coloring Pages

Despite their high cost at the time (due to the lack of powerful mass-produced microprocessors), robots became the preferred choice in the early 1970s for specific tasks such as painting car bodies in an atmosphere of toxic fumes.

Since then, the evolution of electronics and computer science has enabled robots to perform increasingly complex tasks, with more and more autonomy, and more and more quickly.

The term “robot” is also used to designate a device that is not automatic, to evoke the high technicality of the invention, like the Da Vinci surgical robot.

Robot capable of manipulating objects and performing actions according to a preset and modifiable program. Programming a robot consists of specifying the sequence of steps to be completed by the robot.

Robots are often equipped with “senses” (various sensors) that allow them to decide which action is best suited to the situation or environment.

Download Robot Coloring Pages PDF