Printable Sailor Moon Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, there are a lot of coloring pictures to color, paint, or whatever. We have different coloring pages from Sailor Moon. Have fun!

Sailor Moon tells about a girl who lives in Tokyo. One day she meets the talking cat. Luna tells her that she is the Sailor fighter of the moon and has to fight evil.

Printable Sailor Moon Coloring Pages

Queen Serenity’s daughter: Princess Serena had fallen in love with the Earth’s prince Darien, and they wanted to marry. But one day, the evil Queen Baryl, escaped from her Negaverse into our universe and tried to destroy the kingdoms!

There is so much more to Sailor Moon than the typical Magical Girl story. Sailor Moon tells an enchanting tale of friendship, love, and growing up.

You feel, laugh, and suffer along with the lovable and multi-layered characters, which manga artist Naoko Takeuchi created.

Sailor Moon appeals not only to primary school girls but also to the 45-year-old fantasy fan – if he wants to get involved. Of course, all this takes place in a fictional and not very realistic animation universe, but do “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” reflect a more real world? They do.

Sailor Moon took the cartoon out of its childish niche. Together with “Dragon Ball” it was the series about the girl with the blonde dumpling plaits, which makes us see cosplayers at book fairs as a matter of course, because of which there are huge on-and-offline-communities, which is why huge conventions take place all over Germany.

Download Sailor Moon Coloring Pages PDF