Sea Animals Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

The sea animal is naturally an animal that lives in water. It is not necessarily a fish because some are mammals such as dolphins.

On the other hand, the sea animal coloring pages naturally live on this page. Get these animals on the following coloring pictures below. Make sure to color them with your favorite colors.

Sea Animals Coloring Pages

Sea animals such as fish use gills to capture oxygen in the water to allow them to breathe. The gills are not able to function in the open air, and fish die if they are not in the water.

Many marine animals, such as dolphins, have lungs and need to breathe air. The whale has a breathing hole on the top of its head to breathe when it enters and exits the water as it moves around.

Some can hold their breath for very long periods before they have to come up to breathe like the turtle. Within the sea animals we can classify these in two groups:

The first is those that do not need 100% water: These are the animals that depend on the land for their reproduction. Having their offspring on the shore or the coast, but that also feed on other marine animals (like small fish).

They always develop close to the water, where they are also able to swim and submerge for long periods. This is the case for animals such as sea lions, penguins, and seals.

The second is those that do need 100% of the water: These are the animals that are born, grow, reproduce, and die in the water since it is their habitat by nature. Outside of it, they could not survive. Examples of this group are the whales, the sea snake, the octopus, the squid, etc.

It should also be noted that marine animals are not just fish. In fact, within this type of animal, we should also classify birds such as gulls, mammals such as dolphins and whales, and even reptiles such as sea turtles or sea snakes.

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