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Aurora is the main character of the sleeping beauty. She is the firstborn of King Stephen. The Evil Wicked Witch, not having been invited to the baptismal celebration, curses the little girl communicating that on her sixteenth birthday, she would die in a deep sleep.

Only the kiss of her beloved prince could keep her alive. And on her 16th birthday, Aurora falls into a deep sleep. This is a famous fairy tale. You also can fall into great fun with printing and coloring the sleeping beauty coloring picture below. Have fun.

Cute Disney Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

Aurora is the newborn baby of King Stephen and his wife, the Queen. The whole kingdom is celebrating, and everyone, rich and poor, is invited to the baptism of the little girl, with the sole exception of the evil witch.

The latter, to take revenge, casts a curse on little Aurora, according to which at the age of 16, the girl will be stung with the spindle of a spinning wheel and will die.

Luckily the child’s godmothers intervene, the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Serenella, who, besides giving her respectively the beauty and the gift of singing, make the curse be modified. Aurora will not die by stinging herself with the spindle but will fall into a deep sleep that only the kiss of a prince can undo.

The alarmed parents of the child decide to entrust her to the three godmothers so that she will grow up in the woods far from the castle like a normal peasant girl, to escape from Malefica.

Aurora grows up convinced that she is a peasant girl called Rosaspina until, at the age of 16, she meets a mysterious boy with whom she falls in love. She decides to discover more about herself and returns to the palace.

When she discovers that she is a real princess, Malefica appears and hypnotizes her and takes her to the top of the tower where the curse will be fulfilled. Malefica turns into a spindle on which Aurora stings, thus falling into the dreaded deep sleep, and with her the whole castle.

Aurora wakes up to the kiss of the boy she met in the woods that is none other than Prince Philip; the wicked witch is defeated, and the story has its happy ending.

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