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In this category, there are Snake Coloring Pictures to print. Snakes are commonly called the Scaled Reptiles belonging to the suborder Serpentes. The phylogeny of snakes is closely related to that of lizards, with which they constitute the Squamata order.

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Printable Snake Coloring Pages

Most species inhabit the tropical and subtropical regions of the world; there are varieties adapted to extremely humid climates, such as those of tropical forests and other desert climates.

Many serpents are equipped with venom glands, whose secretion is injected into the body of the prey for immobilizing and killing them.

With their carnivorous diet, the serpents play, in many cases, an essential ecological role, especially in controlling animals such as rodents, which tend to multiply very quickly.

The body of the serpents is long and tapered, in most of the species with circular section; exceptions are the sea snakes (hydrophids) and the arboreal ones, many of which are laterally flattened.

The dimensions vary from 10 cm to about 10 m of some boids. To support the lengthening of the body, the disposition of the internal organs is singular; in particular, of the lungs, only the right one remains functional, which is disproportionately long and thin; the left one, instead, is atrophied.

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