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Here you can easily print out your spider coloring picture. Then you can color in your spider picture with your favorite colors. Have fun.

Most of people may not like the spider, but you must admit that they are fascinating, with impressive characteristics. No shortage of fascinating facts about them makes them noticeable.

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Spiders are abundant, there are over 1,000,000 individuals per acre in a field of grass. They can be found almost anywhere from the bedroom closet to the 22,000-foot level on Mount Everest.

There are about 2,500 different species in North America. Some live in holes in the ground, while others can be found under rocks or logs. Those that prefer dark, shady areas may occur in basements or cellars. These species can become established in the home.

Antarctica is the only continent in the world where spiders are not found. Spiders do not live in water or air, but they are capable of living in all other types of habitat. This characteristic of spiders has helped them to succeed in the evolutionary process.

Most spiders found in the house or buildings are “accidental invaders” that have entered around doors, windows, or other openings. Their homes are in wooded areas or naturalized.

Vegetated foundations may be more prone to frequent invasion because the surroundings are ideal spider habitat. Spiders are beneficial-they feed on most small insects.

Some spiders trap their presses in webs or traps; others are active hunters who use excellent vision to stalk their food. Virtually all spiders have venom glands that attach to their fangs.

They use the venom produced in these glands to kill or paralyze the press and for defense. Only a few spiders, such as the black widow and brown recluse, have venom that is highly toxic or harmful to humans.

Most species do not attempt to sting; many have fangs that are not capable of piercing the skin. However, some species will sting, with results similar to a wasp or bee sting. There is a risk that a person could have an allergic reaction to spider venom.

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