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The Spiderman is a well known super hero  who is good at climbing buildings. The red-costumed superhero figure was created by comic artist Stan Lee about 50 years ago.

And until now, the story of Spiderman or often called Spidey has been told in comics, television series, to Hollywood films. His latest box office film entitled “Spider-Man: Home Coming” was produced and sold well in the market.

Spiderman Coloring Pages Collection

Few people know that Peter Parker is Spiderman even Aunt May doesn’t know .Only a handful of people know that Peter Parker is Spiderman.

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Spiderman also make our children learn about how to choose the right friend. Humans are social creatures, so are children and Spiderman. Sometimes there are big problems that are difficult for them to deal with, but if they have the right partner, the problem can be overcome.

With great strenght comes great responsibility . This statement is the advice of Ben Parker, Spiderman’s uncle, to his nephew shortly before he died. The phrase was also spoken by the late former US President Harry S. Truman in his 1950 speech.

So in conclusion, this phrase has quite a deep meaning.  Strength can be interpreted as greatness, position, or success in life. Well, the smarter the children, the greater responsibility for the environment. It’s a big mistake if children are ignorant or even don’t care about the environment around them.

By introducing spiderman coloring pages, here you can tell about spiderman life and take good moral value of him so that it’s the right choice for you to take spiderman coloring pages as coloring media learning.

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