Spring Coloring Pages PDF

Many people interpret spring as the first new season. When many flower buds are sprung up, many animals wake up after hibernation during winter as if the earth felt alive again after freezing winter.

In this season too many farmers start to plant crops and garden because slowly the temperature becomes warm. However, the form of change varies – depending on the place.

Spring Coloring Pages

The first day of spring, the length of time for sunrise and sunset is the same, which is 12 hours. Likewise, the duration of the night and daytime are also the same. Over time, the day will feel longer than the night.

The birds return after winter is over. Birds that have immigrated during the winter, start returning again in mid-February and late June. Fresh vegetables and fruit are found. Farmers will harvest more fruits and vegetables in the spring. Many flowers bloom when spring comes.

Some countries that do have 4 seasons will celebrate the spring with great fanfare. Not surprisingly, the country makes spring as one of the tourist destinations in the country.

The country is best known for the beauty of its cherry blossoms is at Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, Tokyo and in Korea, precisely on Yeouido Island in downtown Seoul.

Spring is also welcomed by holding lively music events. The Graz’s Spring Festival is usually held in the city of Styria and this event will not be missed by tourists coming from various countries in Europe.

The awakening alive after winter and beautifulness of spring can be illustrated in spring coloring page that will be very interesting for children. Beside that children will understand very well about the season differentiation in many parts of the world. You can tell the children and guide the right color for spring coloring pages.

Download Spring Coloring Pages PDF