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Subtropical countries experience four seasons, one of them is summer. Depending on where a country is, summer can occur at different times. In many countries, summer is the school holiday season.

In this season people in these subtropical countries usually go to the beach to sunbathe or just relax. In addition, in the summer, fruits and plants are generally in their full growth period.

Summer Coloring Pages Collection

There are so many interesting events that can be enjoyed that only happen in summer. The flowers grow beautifully such as roses, tulips, and other beautiful flowers.

In some countries there are festivals for each season and summer festivals tend to be very large. Many people also can finally wear lighter clothes such as shorts and T-shirts and simple summer shoes or even sandals. People can also add stylish straw hats to their wardrobe too, to protect their eyes from the sun!

There are even special drinks in the summer and can be found in convenience stores throughout the country. One of the many things that makes summer is fun is the variety of sweet and delicious foods in summer.

Summer is identically with hot temperature so many people like drinking lemonade ice, ice cream, and many other cool drinks that people  will usually find a lot.

There are always many unique summer ice cream flavors to look forward to. The taste of summer ice cream is always fun and is the perfect food to cool people down in the summer!

This summer cheer is very suitable to be used as material for coloring pages of children because they will be more excited and have fun while imagining the beauty of the summer when doing coloring pages.

Download Summer Coloring Pages PDF