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Sun and Moon Coloring Pages

The sun and the moon represent the masculine and feminine principles respectively. They are the basic polarity, Shiva-Agni, of Hatha Yoga, complementary in their creative destruction. The effectiveness of their interaction is all the more radical as the posture is reversed. This reminds us that yoga is not purely corporeal, its symbols are essential.

“All the ambrosia that flows from the Moon to the divine beauty is, without exception, devoured by the Sun and that is why the body is subject to decay.

This text taken from Hatha-Yoga Pradipika (111,77) and relating to the inverted attitude (viparita karani) highlights the symbolism of the Moon (Chandra) and the Sun (Surya), a symbolism that is omnipresent throughout the treatise and fundamental to the understanding of Hatha-Yoga in general and the inverted postures in particular.

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